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Accessories Customization

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Some popular accessories from Europe and America market are recommended for you.For example:Hot-water Bottle、Eye Mask、Tissue Box、Earmuff、Bags and so on.These kind of accessories supports customization.

Hot-water Bottle customization:

We have many material for you to choose from,this is our sheepskin hot-water bottle:

 Sheepskin Hot Water Cover (2)Sheepskin Hot Water Cover (1)

Outside: Real Sheepskin, Inside: Polyester, hot-water bottle: Rubber(BS 1970:2012)

There are so many colors for you to choose,the following is our color swatch. You can choose your own color you like.


We also support customized the woven label on the side of the hot-water bottle, which can be your logo、material、size or what else you want.

Teddy Bear hot-water Bottle:

We also have this kind of teddy bear hot-water bottle,which looks like very cute.

Hot Water Cover

Faux Shearling hot-water Bottle:

We also have the faux shearling hot-water bottle,which has many colors for you to choose from, and can be a good match for your clothes and bedding.

Lamb Fur Hot Water Cover (2)Lamb Fur Hot Water Cover (1)

Maybe you have other customization methods, you can also contact us, and we may also give you a satisfactory reply.Feel free send an email directly to: Amanda@jnpfootwear.com

Eye Mask:

We also can customize various materials of eye masks, and the comfort and light shielding of our eye masks are very good.For example:silk eye mask、satin eye mask、vegan fur eye mask.You can contact us for any material, style, or size you prefer, and our sales person can send you pictures and videos for your choice.

Eye Mask (2)Eye Mask (3)Eye Mask (4)Eye Mask (1)

Tissue Box:
We also support customize the vegan fur tissue box,Our tissue boxes are of good quality, using high-quality imitation rabbit fur, which has a high density, it is very soft and fluffy.There are so many colors for you to choose.
Imitated Rabbite FurEarmuff:

Perhaps you have some ideas about customizing earmuffs. We can provide you with some options. You can contact our sales personnel



Our store has many custom made bags, all of which are of excellent quality and very fashionable.

There are our customization style.

Fluffy Bag (5)Leopard Color Swatch

Fluffy Bag (2)Fluffy Bag (4)Fluffy Bag (3)

Fluffy Bag (1)Color Swatch

Fluffy Bag (8)Fluffy Bag (6)Fluffy Bag (7)

What style, color, and size do you like? Don't hesitate to contact our sales person,they will give you some professional advice.Or send an email directly to: Amanda@jnpfootwear.com

We also have a lot of stock styles, which will be quickly shipped to you and can be shipped in about 7 days.If you are interested in it,feel free to contact our sales person.

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