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After Party Shoes with Bag Custom Logo Women Soft Foldable Ballet Slides Ballerina Slippers

* After party shoes slippers-9652
* High quality PU fabric, soft and comfortable, lightweight
* Ballet shoes, with the same leather bag, easy to carry
* For more color customization, please contact us to support custom slippers and accessories
* MOQ: 200 pairs
* Dimensions: S (36 / 37) M (37 / 38) L (38 / 39) XL (40 / 41) XXL (41 / 42)
  • 9562

  • JNP

Product Description

Custom Ballet SlippersBallerina Slippers

These ballet shoes come with a handy bag for easy storage and transportation. After precise fabrication and attention to detail. These ballet shoes are made from high quality materials that provide flexibility and support for the feet. The soft and soft construction allows for optimal movement and ensures a comfortable fit. This slippers features a comfortable elastic band that holds the shoe to the foot and providing stability against slippage.

The matching bag is designed to accommodate the ballet shoes, providing a dedicated space to ensure their safety and protection. This bag is light and compact and easily portable. It was designed with a durable zipper closure to ensure that the slippers were safely stored inside.

Ballet shoes and bag suits are not only practical, but also beautiful. They come in different colors and styles to suit personal preferences. The smooth and elegant design adds a complex feel.

These ballet slippers with a bag are a must have accessory, they provide a convenient solution for shipping and storing slippers while maintaining the quality of the slippers and extending their life.

Different Colors

Different Colors


This is our additional customized service. Our factory can make these accessories with wool shoes, for slippers customization: we provide customized service for many customers, and. We complete the customized products. With a mature customization ability, you can rest assured of our bold choice, believe in our strength.

We can customize the logo. In slippers. Sole, pad, vamp can be customized; we can customize fabrics. There are different fabrics to choose; sheepskin, imitation wool, rabbit wool, sequins, of course, you can choose color customization, with a lot of color customization can be selected. Classical colors, pink, black, white, etc. are very popular;. size can choose the British size or American size standard; packaging can choose customized, shoe box, plastic bags, etc.

If you have customs ideas, please contact us. Send a query or an email to Amanda@jnpfootwear.com.

We will reply to you within 6 hours. Please wait patiently and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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1.)Our Product includes:slippersboots ,casual shoes ,kid shoes,baby shoes and sheepskin accessories.

2.)You may have them in various designs, materials, packaging and sizes to best suit your needs.
3. )If you want to customize, you can customize personalized products as required
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