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Custom Winter Warm Indoor Concha Slippers

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The "Concha Slippers" is known Mexican Bread Pan Dulce Huaraches.Because its shape really likes a delicious big bread.Do you like dessert?This kind of Concha slippers inspired by the delicious and traditional Pan Dulce, these Concha slippers are designed for comfort and smiles. They are literally Pan Dulce for your feet and make the most perfect, unique design, for any occasion.When you wear these slippers, you will feel very comfortable, which can relieve the fatigue of your feet and relax your whole body.You can wear it indoor or outdoor, which is very convenient.

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Our inspiration comes from pan dulce, and we have made very interesting and vivid slippers. Our shoes are made of high quality coral fleece which is very soft and comfortable.And we have many colors for you to choose.But we think the pink is really a sweet color,and it’s very suitable for ladies.But we also have many colors for men.You can choose different color to match the couple slippers.Such as the pink color for women,the brown color for men.

These stylish slippers fit most standard foot size, you will love it.It’s very comfortable and soft.It’s easy slip-on design slippers, along with high-quality and comfort made plush lining, PVC sole with Memory Foam, encompasses your feet in a fun but yet stylish concha.

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Of course you can also contact our salesman,tell her the color and size you like, and he will give you some professional suggestions  or send an email directly to: Amanda@jnpfootwear.com

Package customization is also available,you can choose any package you like even logo can be put on the different package like poly bag,shoe box etc...

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We also have other slippers for you to choose, you can enter our website to browse : www.jnpslippers.com

If you want to develop your own style, you can contact our salesman, or send an email directly to: Amanda@jnpfootwear.com

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