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Customization of Summer Sandals

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It is necessary to have a cool and comfortable sandals when summer is coming. This kind of summer sandals is the hot trendy style most wanted slippers in 2023!This kind of summer sandals supports customization. You can customize your logo on the upper or inside of the slipper. And also you can also choose the pattern you like to customize. The pattern can cover the entire pair of slippers.Whether it is a big picture or many small patterns, we can support printing on shoes. I think it will be very interesting. Give us the design you like, and we will give you a surprise. If you love your pet very much, as long as you give us the photo, we can print it on the shoes, which is very meaningful.

9348 Custom Cloud Slippers

In addition to printing patterns and customized logos, we also support customized glued labels, which can be a love, an acronym of the company's name, or the sun and moon, any shape you like.

Maybe you have other customization methods, you can also contact us, and we may also give you a satisfactory reply.Feel free send an email directly to: Amanda@jnpfootwear.com

9348 Custom Slippers

Our slippers are integrally formed and very durable. The slippers are made of super-thick EVA with high elasticity, and the out sole is very soft and flexible. This style of slippers is also called cloud slippers. When you wear these slippers, it is like standing on the cloud. Cloud slippers can still keep comfortable after a long walk, and can moderately relieve foot fatigue.

9348 (23)

Of course you can also contact our salesman, what pattern do you want? We will send you the decoration you want according to your needs, or send an email directly to: Amanda@jnpfootwear.com

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We have this style in stock and can ship quickly, different colors for you to choose from, If you are interested in our cloud slippers, don't hesitate to contact us


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