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Cute Animal Bear Style Premium Sheepskin Bag Large 1L Hot Water Bottle Custom Cover

Custom Cute Bear Style Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover
  • 2004

  • JNP

Product Description

Bear Hot Water Bottle CoverCustom Accessory

Cute bear shape hot water bottle cover:

Unique little bear bag cover, thermos with soft wool handbag cover. Make it easier and easier to use. Not only does it warm your hands better, but it also allows you to better repair your thermos during sleep or menstrual cramps, without slipping and constantly warming your body and relieving pain.

Bear in shape style, young and stylish. Upupgraded thick wool cover, more materials provide you with a softer touch and longer lasting warmth on a cold winter night

Winter home necessities, wide mouth hot water bag is easy to fill and use. The versatile hot water bottle bed heater also helps in pain relief, muscle pain relief, menstrual cramps, sports injuries and stress relief. Heating bottles are the perfect gift for family and friends on their birthdays or holidays. Hot water bottles can be used in the hands, feet, waist, back, abdomen and other positions.

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