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Hot Selling Classics Fur Slides

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Today we are going to recommend some hot selling fur slides for you. At this time of year, everyone will choose to order the slides in advance. Now you will have a lot of time to adjust the design and test the quality. Today's fur slides of these style are very classic and will never go out of style. At the same time, these fur slides support customization. Through customization, you can make your fur slides look different and have your own characteristics.

Different Fur Slippers

1.Cross Band Fur Slides

Our cross band fur slides are made of classics genuine Australia sheepskin.The sheepskin is very warm in winter and very cool in the summer.And than the sheepskin is very fluffy and soft. When you wear it, you will feel very comfortable.There are nearly 60 colors for you to choose from.But the MOQ just 50 pairs,very low MOQ.

Different Colors

You can choose the woven binding colors to match the fur color.And than you can customize the woven label on the insole part with your loge,you can also customize the care label inside of the slippers with the size material and so on. We also support customization of outsole colors, logos, and sizes,the MOQ just 300 pairs.

Sheepskin Slippers

We also have different color match cross band slippers,you can choose your favorite color to match the slippers.

Shearling Slippers

Besides of the cross band slippers we also have two strap slippers.Also have many colors and support customization.

Two Strap Mink Fur Slippers

Maybe you have other customization material methods, you can also contact us, and we may also give you a satisfactory reply.Feel free send an email directly to: Amanda@jnpfootwear.com

2.Thick Bottom Faux Fur Slippers

In addition to sheepskin fur slides we also have faux fur slippers. The thick bottom is a very lady style.We have dozens of colors for you to choose.

Imitated Rabbit Fur

The thick bottom can make you taller than before.And the bottom is very comfortable and protect your feet very well.

Platform Slippers

Of course you can also contact our salesman, what style do you want?What size do you want? If you have any good customization suggestions ,feel free to contact our sales person or send an email directly to: Amanda@jnpfootwear.com

3.Fur Shearling slippers

In addition to classic styles, we also have some new hot selling styles.The full toe slippers can protect your feet very well.Premium wool upper, lining and footbed for extra comfort stylish teddy wool design Low back entry for easy on/off foot entry soft sheep wool midsole for comfort and support flexible outsole for traction and grip.

Sheep Wool Slippers

We support the customization the color size woven label and care label,if you’re interested in it,feel free to contact with us.

Lamb Wool

Besides full toe slipper we also have one strap style,it is very suitable for ladies.It can match your dress very well.The upper by made of fur shearling,the lining by made of sheepskin.It is very cool in the summer.The outsole material is TPR it’s very soft and flexible.

Lamb Fur Slippers

4. Faux shearling fur slides.

This is our wholesale factory women luxury fashion one strap fuzzy Furry lamb fur slippers custom logo.The size range is 36-42.It’s very standard size and very suitable for EU and USA size.

Ladies Slippers

There are a lot of colors for you to choose from.So many spring and summer colors.

Lamb Fur

IF you’re interested in it,feel free to contact with us,or send an email directly to: Amanda@jnpfootwear.com

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