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How to tell the difference between real fur and faux fur?

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We are Yangzhou JNP Co., Ltd. Our main products are: sheepskin slippers ,  sheepskin boots,etc. 

Our Sheepskin Comes From Australia, using natural animal fiber, the fiber is composed of protein, which will neither irritate the human body not pollute surroundings.

Here Are Our Relevant Certificates : LWE Certificate,Australia Certificate of Origin,Pure Wool Certificate,Humanitarian Certificate


Temperature Regulation: Stay warm in winter and cool in summer - our super soft pure Sheepskin lining supports your feet every step of the way and naturally adjusts to your body temperature, making it the perfect combination of insulation and breathability.

Moisture Wicking: Sheepskin fibers absorb moisture and evaporate quickly to help keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Washable: we recommend that they are hand-washed or that they are washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees on the wool program and in a washing bag. Only use a mild liquid detergent, preferably a detergent specially made for wool. Drying the slippers should be done as naturally as possible, for example by letting them dry at an average room temperature.

How do distinguish real fur from faux fur? It can be divided into the following points:

1. Price: The price of sheepskin is higher than that of faux fur.

2. Fire: The real hair will be curled and burnt immediately, turning into a black powder, giving off a smell like burning hair. And the ash will be very fine, and it will be gone in a pinch with your hands. The fake one will shrink immediately, not so easy to turn into ashes, and there will be a choking smell of burning plastic chemical fiber.


3. Look at the cortex: the cortex of real fur is leather, and the fur is of course even the skin. Fake fur is polyester woven on the cloth.

 check the bottom of the fur

4. Handfeel: The real fur is soft and shiny, it feels smooth and slippery, and it is very comfortable. The fake fur will have a feeling of astringency, dull luster, and fine and rough tops.

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Of course, the same style can be made with real fur or faux fur. It can be customized according to your needs. Below are the different styles made from our real fur and faux fur.

sheepskin slippers

faux fur

You can also send us the styles you want, and we have a professional team to help you answer your questions. looking forward to your cooperation.

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