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Men's Comfort Breathable Summer Relaxing Anti Fatigue Bamboo Gel Arch Slippers with Gel

*Men Slippers–9740
* Quality sandwich double layer mesh, lightweight and breathable
* Super thick memory foam midcushion for soft and comfort
* TPR outsole for wear resistance
* Fashion design, both modern and sporty
  • 9740

  • JNP

Product Description

9740 (7)9740 (5)9740 (1)

Ultra soft natural bamboo lining pampers your feet Breathable mesh keeps your feet cool & fresh 4 layers of comfort & support with anti-fatigue gel inserts Moisture-wicking and odor resistant Cool Bamboo Anti-Fatigue Gel Slippers, Large

This men's slippers are made of a quality Sandwich double-layer mesh.This men's slippers look stylish and beautiful.The sandwich fabric is bright and soft in color and does not fade.More with three-dimensional mesh pattern, not only follow the fashion trend, and maintain a certain classic style.

Good air permeability and moderate adjustment ability: stereo mesh tissue structure, making it known as a breathing mesh.Sandwich is more breathable than other flat fabrics and provides a comfortable and dry surface.

Unique elastic function: the mesh structure of the sandwich fabric has been finalized at high temperature in the production engineering.When subjected to an external force, it can extend along the direction of the force, and when the pull force is reduced, the mesh can be restored to the original shape.The material can maintain a certain elongation rate in both horizontal and longitudinal areas, without relaxation and deformation.

Anti-mildew antibacterial: the material after anti-mildew antibacterial treatment, can inhibit the breeding of bacteria.

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