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Should I wear my slippers with or without socks?

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Do socks make slippers more comfortable?

When you receive the slippers you want, and you are trying to decide whether you should slip on your new slippers barefoot or with socks on. We are here to help you decide.

fit and feel

When we buy new slippers, they all have one thing in common: The slippers should initially be offered in a tighter fit. When customers first receive their new slippers, they are initially very comfortable. However, with wear, the sheepskin lining tightens and the suede outer stretches slightly, which results in a looser fit. If you've just put on your new slippers and you're feeling tight, that's okay! 99% of the time, the slippers will shape and stretch to give you the perfect custom fit.

Sheepskin Fur Slippers

Reasons to go barefoot

Sheepskin's natural softness makes it the perfect choice for lining our comfortable slippers. Going barefoot puts your skin in direct contact with the soft, fluffy sheepskin, and there are no socks that allow the sheepskin to take the shape of your feet. This custom fit, combined with our memory foam-infused sole, provides support for your entire foot and greatly enhances comfort.

Because sheepskin wicks away moisture, most of our clients report that their feet don't sweat when they're barefoot in sheepskin slippers. The direct contact with the sheepskin keeps their feet a comfortable temperature all year round.

If your feet are sweaty a lot, or you find that your shoes get smelly quickly, wearing socks in your slippers can extend the life of your slippers and improve comfort. This will keep your slippers looking clean and fresh.

For those of us who live in cold climates and get cold feet easily, socks may be a winter necessity to keep ankles and heels warm, especially when wearing our open-back slippers, and this extra layer of warmth may be just the thing All you need for maximum comfort.

Sheepskin Slippers

You can decide whether to wear socks according to your situation. After reading this article, I believe you already have a clear answer in your heart.

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