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Should I wear slippers in the shower at home?

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If you find yourself falling in the shower all the time, I think you can wear a pair of non-slip slippers. Does this happen to you often? Here are the cloud slides with the most feedback from buyers that are great for bathroom wear

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9347 summer slippers

【High Quality】: The cloud slides for men and women are made of high-quality EVA, which is environmentally friendly, no special smell, no noise, no water absorption, and easy to clean.

【Ergonomic Design】: About 30° forward tilt head protection design, so that the soles of the feet will not rush out. The sunken footbed conforms to the curve of the pelvic floor of the foot, making walking more comfortable.

【Non-Slip Sole】: This shower slippers has a non-slip sole, you can walk smoothly whether in the bathroom or on the slippery road.

【Thicker Soft Sole】: The heel height of the cloud slide is 1.57 inches, which is twice that of ordinary slippers. They are made of highly elastic material. Every time you walk, you can feel the process of sinking and rebounding, as comfortable as walking on the sofa.

【Any Occasion】: Men's and women's cloud slides are perfect for swimming pools, gym showers, outdoor, indoor and any other leisure occasions.

We have different colors for this style of cloud slides slippers for you to choose, accept customization, you can customize your own logo, if you have any needs, you can contact us at any time.

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Of course, we also have other styles of summer slippers, if you have a style you like, you can contact us at any time, we will give you a detailed introduction

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